Tolling Scofflaws - 1859

Canadians have a venerable history of disdain for road tolls, so that the spoiled and entitled commenters that whine and threaten at the end of every Toronto newspaper article about tolling are hardly equipped with novel thoughts.  Here are a couple of Krieghoffs from 150 years ago. According to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Cornelius Krieghoff apparently came down on the side of the scofflaws and perhaps admired them. In these depictions they seem to be drinking while driving, as well.  So not much has changed, although these fellows would likely be driving three separate SUVs if they were alive today.
If you click-in and study these two paintings carefully, you can see that Kreighoff took some trouble to look at the tolling scofflaw problem from two different angles, but unfortunately came to the same conclusion.

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