Sick of being stuck

I love New York more and more. An organization called Transportation Alternatives advocates for bicycling, walking and public transit. Kinda like Grushhour only waaaay bigger ;-)

Today, they sent me a news email prompting a last minute drive to push congestion pricing
through the City's legal process. I copy it here to illustrate what a more mature North American city looks like when they want to take their city back...

We Need Your Help to Pass Congestion Pricing

There are 12 days left to win congestion pricing. After that, NYC takes a pass on the $354 million provided by the federal government to cover the transit expansion necessary to put congestion pricing in place.

To ensure that a future with fewer cars, well-funded public transit and more livable streets doesn't slip away, T.A. is pulling out all the stops. We are hitting the streets this Saturday to generate THOUSANDS of letters to the elected officials who represent us.

We need dozens of organizers to join this historic effort. We need you! From Flatbush to Broadway to Steinway to Fordham Road, our teams will make this last critical push to put constituents in touch with as-yet undecided elected officials and help win congestion pricing. If you need more of a reason to pitch in, we can pay $15+ per hour for your efforts. We need you to help put pricing over the top and set the green street revolution in motion.

So... is THAT what green looks like?

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