Congestion as Treason

This theme of comparing our tolerance for traffic congestion to the old Soviet ways keeps showing up. Today in the Washington Post, an article by Lyndsey Layton and Spencer Hsu, shared space with a short slide show. One of the frames pictured this:
D.J. Gribbin, the Transportation Department's general counsel and a supporter of congestion pricing, said, "It's almost sort of un-American that we should be forced to sit and be stuck in traffic."
(Photo by Nikki Kahn - The Washington Post)

If you are much older than 50 you may well know that the phrase "un-American" was Cold War code for an activity by an American that might a tad treasonous. Congestion as Treason. Words well chosen, Mr Gribbin.

While "treason" may be a stretch, perhaps we could settle for "insane".

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