Toronto Congestion Soundbites

David-Michael Lamb, CBC RadioOne’s City Reporter, interviewed Bern Grush June 11, 2007.

The communist analogy.

The tragedy-of-the-commons analogy.

In each of these it was reported that Skymeter is being trialed in a number of places. In fact, as of June 11, 2007, Skymeter is only in discussion with several governments for such trials, but no contracts have yet been issued. Skymeter technology will be ready for trial in September 2007.

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Darren J said...

If London were to switch over to a Skymeter-style system, would they need to keep and maintain their current camera system on the boundaries of the congestion zone?

It's interesting that New York seems to be heading towards London's type of system, and the only thing that ever gets talked about in Toronto is a highway (expressway) toll. (That's what I read in the papers, but reporters have been known to make mistakes!)