Be Still My Heart

In what looks the baby brother of the 127-element NYCPlan, Toronto has just tabled a report setting out eight or ten specific approaches to emissions reduction in Toronto. Among these is the recurrent “road tolling” conundrum. Although only one of the measures in the plan, tolling grabbed the headline in the Star’s article, the caption under the photo and of course the majority of the commentary. Few people blink at hybrid taxis, banning 2-stroke engines or completing the city’s Bike Plan (thank god!), but bring up road tolling and teeth gnash.

The headline, City considers road tolls in emission-cutting plan, which had me spewing coffee, was diluted by the usual: “Miller told reporters he's not committed to tolls and that any such fees would have to be GTA-wide.” It went on: “ ‘The recommendation is simply to begin work along with the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority to consider it,’ ” [Miller] told members of the media at city hall yesterday.” This is better news considering that the Chair of the GTTA is known to be more open minded and courageous about this then T.O.’s Mayor has been to now.

Unfortunate timing, however, at the same time of this press conference, a few building over, the Premier of Ontario, promised a large new sum of money for Toronto transit to bolster his election chances. I can already hear the Mayor saying “whew, that gets me off the hook”.

The Star article ended with Pantalone saying "The time for talking needs to be over and some serious doing needs to be done.”

I wonder.

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