Bibliography for Chicago Parking Privatization

In 2007, Donald Shoup summarized the problem with underpriced parking in a New York Times opinion piece: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/29/opinion/29shoup.html

In 2009, the City of Chicago addressed this problem while attacking a financial crisis. It leased its 36,000 on-street parking meters for a 75-year term. One outcome was that underpriced parking was dramatically reduced. On average, hourly on-street parking fees will be doubled in four stages from 2009-2013. The number of metered spots will increase and the hours of metering are being extended. Altogether, the total revenue from on-street parking will more than triple. This money will go to a private company who paid the City of Chicago $1.15B.

Selection Process and Timeline

Use of Proceeds

Value - An Introduction by William Blair

Value - Analysis by William Blair

Value - Analysis by William Blair Exhibit 1 and 2

Value - Analysis by William Blair Exhibit 3

Some of the commentators to analyze this transaction have been very critical, and there are lessons we can take from this. At the bottom of this post there are several further analytical links.

Here was Chicago’s response to the IVIIPO law suit.

Here is Chicago’s response to the American Transportation Alliance (ATA) report.Here is the ATA’s retraction.Chicago’s Meter FAQs

Chicago brochure re the shift to privatized parking

Full Chicago resource re privatization of parking meters.

Should Toronto do this?

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