A proud day for Canadian Innovation

Canada’s Skymeter claims Intertraffic Innovation Trophy

After 8 years of work...

"Canada-based Skymeter Corporation has won the overall 2010 Intertraffic Innovation Award. The company succeeded with its smart road-use device which it has designed to handle a wide range of automotive mobility-related payment needs, including road user charging, parking fees, insurance and carbon metering, as well as reward schemes to encourage differential driving times, carpooling or teleworking.

Foppe Mijnlieff (left) and JD Hassan. Lookit dem smiles, eh?

"Specific innovations include the mitigation of urban canyon-derived errors, privacy-protection ranging from full anonymity for private motorists to full transparency in logistics management, and charging reliability independent of map matching.

"Skymeter was also the individual sector winner in the ITS/Traffic Management category. The Awards Jury saw it as a technology for the future and one which seemingly addresses many apparent concerns over using satellite tracking for traffic management applications."

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