Shining cities on a smarter planet

Guest blog from Kamal Hassan, Skymeter Corp.

In a recent post, IBM's CEO Sam Palmisano talks about the importance of cities. Getting specific, he points out what IBM can do for them.
... Thankfully, help is at hand, with intelligence being infused into the way cities work. It has tended to be been system-by-system so far, but it need not stop there. We now have the capacity to manage cities as the complex systems -- indeed, systems-of-systems -- that they are. And the current crisis in the world's economy offers an opportunity -- indeed, I believe, an imperative -- to do just that.

Look at the capabilities already being built into cities around the world. Transportation officials in Singapore, Brisbane and Stockholm are using smart systems to reduce both congestion and pollution…
Singapore, Brisbane and Stockholm are direct references road-pricing systems that IBM has in operation, in those cities.

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